Monday, 23 June 2014

Hello Steve Reich: James Murphy's best remix ever?

And the music world breathes a sigh of relief as this blog is once again updated. Even though this was released back in October, it deserves another listen:

I can hear the complainers already; it's too long, why the fuck is there clapping noises, who the hell is Steve Reich? Leaving aside the length (it's perfect), clapping (amazing) and Steve Reich (check out his vids on Youtube), what this remix is is ten and a half minutes of stuttering disco sleaze that revisits the lost art of taking your damn time.

I love that it takes nearly five minutes for the beat to drop. I love the snippets of "Ashes to Ashes" that's thrown behind the beat. I love the weird and slightly depressing lyrics. It's a shame that I can't think of any DJs who would be willing to play this.

David Bowie's Love is Lost (Hello Steve Reich mix by James Murphy for the DFA): glitchy disco goodness, or 10 minutes of spastic clapping and no bass? Let me know...

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